WorkPlace & Work Life-Balace – Post LinkedIn de 15.Dez.2015


Home – My perfect work spot during xmas season!

It’s Xmas time, cold, rainy days, crazy traffic and I needed to organize myself.

I need to multitask projects without losing time between all my 4+1 jobs (IT Teacher, Freelancer IT/SEO /Mkt digital, KW Realtor, Entrepreneur and Parent of 2 beautiful girls ).

The best place to work is at home, so I’ve just decided this weekend to built my own productivity corner in the living room and I think I nailed it.

Close to the heating system, with a near coffee machine, some xmas decor I have built my work spot around my grandmother’ SINGER sewing machine desk, accessorized with a complete range of Apple gadgets, for full productivity.

Also added lots of creativity and plenty of energy and I am now ready to work-life balance and prepare much better SEO&Analytics Classes, Sales Pitches, Xmas web cards and videos, Websites works, Sales calls and End of year accounting

Bring on more Rain, the Cold and plenty of Work!

Bruno Marques Horta.

Professor Tecnologias Informação, Consultor KW, Formador SEO, WebMarketing

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